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  • No answer when I call. I notice that I have several numbers with 30499427XX. Something needs to be done in order to stop these calls.

  • Called asked to speak with me by name. I hung up.

  • Robot call

  • Texted cell phone. "Looking for sex partner in the neighborhood..."

  • Call was about a time sensitive lawsuit against me....computerized vocals on message.

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Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule: Not Just for Kids' Sites

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule seeks to put parents in control of what information commercial websites collect from their children online. Most companies that run websites directed to children under 13 are aware of their responsibilities under the COPPA Rule.
But if you run a site directed to a general audience or operate an ad network, plug-in, or other third-party service used by kid-directed sites, you may have COPPA compliance obligations, too.
This is exactly what we do at PhonesTorrent!
For detailed compliance resources, visit the FTC’s COPPA page.